Rexton has been around since 1955 and is owned by the same company that owns Signia (Siemens).  Sivantos owns both RExton and Signia and Sivantos has been a leading manufacturer of hearing aids for over 50 years.

MyCore Hearing Aids


Rexton delivers robust performance in a small package

The Emerald S 8C RIC wirelessly streams to Apple and most Android cell phones which use low energy Bluetooth.  Rexton proudly designed this compact hearing aid with a full compliment of accessories available for usability and full control.


Rexton surpasses expectations with new offerings in a smaller package

The Emerald M 8C RIC wirelessly streams to Apple and most Android cell phones with a lithium-ion battery that delivers power all day long.  The Emerald M 8C RIC is for clients with severe hearing loss and it uses a #13 battery if you opt to use a disposable battery.  This size battery allows for the longest running time with a disposable battery.


Rexton’s Mosaic BTE is comfortable for everyone

Rexton’s BTE is more discreet than most BTE’s and is meant for clients with severe to profound hearing loss.  Clients can maneuver the sound functions of the aid remotely using Rexton’s phone control app which converts their cell phone into a remote control for the Mosaic M BTE.

MyCore Accessories


The Rexton APP can be downloaded to an Apple or Android smartphone to be used as a remote control for Rexton hearing aids.  The APP helps hearing aid users to control background noise, adjust volume, and select bass/treble settings.

Smart Mic

  • Smart Mic can function as a remote control
  • It also functions as a stand along microphone which helps to stream all of your conversations directly into your hearing aids
  • Your Smart Mic wirelessly streams your voice using Bluetooth to others so that you can talk on the phone without holding your phone.  The Smart Mic connects to your shirt or blouse and let’s you talk on the phone without holding the phone anymore.

Smart Transmitter 2.4

AKA the TV Box allows you to connect your TV so that the audio from your TV wirelessly streams directly to your hearing aids.

Cros 8c RIC

  • Your solution when you have an ear that does not hear
  • CROS 8C RIC allows you to essentially have 360 degree hearing with one good ear
  • It sends the signals from your bad ear to the hearing aid on your good ear so that you can hear on both sides effortlessly
  • CROS 8C utilized wireless technology to prolong the battery run time

Smart Key

  • It fits in your packet and allows you to control the volume and programs on your hearing aids
  • Can be used with MyCore, TruCore and Essential1 products.