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Friday, September 22, 2023

Tony Napoletano has been helping clients overcome depression and lessen dementia due to social isolation for years in eastern Delco and Philadelphia.  Now Devon Hearing, is offering his expertise and these solutions to clients in the Mainline of Philadelphia.

Let’s be honest, no one wants to be depressed or become susceptible to dementia.  Although much is written about therapy and medications to address these issues, most people do not realize that “Hearing Loss” is responsible for the social isolation and depression of many seniors and contributes to dementia by not sending proper stimulus to the brain.  Tony Napoletano is providing solutions with proper hearing assessments, fitting of revolutionary hearing devices, and on-going support.

Tony Napoletano expressed his satisfaction with the performance of selected hearing aids:  “We can now offer a solution to eliminate social isolation, depression, and the portion of dementia attributable to hearing loss.  All of this is done for a reasonable price!”

A 2020 study from The Lancet Commission 1 on dementia prevention discovered that “mid-life hearing loss” is the highest of 12 modifiable risk factors linked to dementia.  These factors account for about 40% of the overall risk of dementia.  Aging and family history are more significant (but not modifiable) factors.  Hearing loss might either add to the cognitive load or lead to social disengagement or depression, all of which could contribute to accelerated cognitive decline.

A 2018 study by Amieva in The Journals of Gerontology 2 showed that untreated hearing loss contributes to cognitive and physical decline.  Having an untreated hearing loss, meaning not using hearing aids…

  • …increases the risk of developing dementia by 21%
  • …increases the risk of becoming dependent on others by 28%
  • …increases the risk for men of suffering from depression by 43%

According to Amieva:  Proper fitting with hearing aids eliminates this increased risk.

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[1] Gill Livngston et.al. (2020) Dementia prevention, intervention, and care:  2020 report of the Lancet Commission, The Lancet, Vol 396, August 8, 2020
[2] Helene Amieva et. al. (2018): Death, Depression, Disability, and Dementia Associated with self-reported Hearing Problems: A 25-Years Study: in: The Journals of Gerontology, Series A, January 2018

Ed Hille

I can’t say enough good things about Tony Napoletano and Devon Hearing, My wife has complained for years that I should get hearing aids because I often watched TV with the volume blasting and more often didn’t hear half of her conversations. It wasn’t until I visited Tony in one of his other offices where I tried a pair of hearing aids on and instantly was convinced that I really did need those devices. Tony walked me through the process and has been there helping me adjust to hearing again. He’s been kind and compassionate and above all he’s been honest. I would recommend Devon hearing to anyone looking for hearing aids and good service.

Haber Dipaul

Before consulting with Tony my hearing problem caused more problems than I can completely describe. After consulting with Tony his experience and guidance with this complex problem helped me to find a solution . Tony persistence and diligence to help me is unmatched with any previous experience

Scott Sander

This was a truly positive experience from our first contact with Tony on through consultation, fitting and training for both Toshi and me. We could not be more pleased and satisfied with our new hearing and give Devon Hearing a totally unqualified endorsement. Thank you Tony!!!!

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Testimonial – Joan L.

It was a great experience with Tony. I can hear again and it’s been a long time since that happened. To show me how well they worked, Tony walked me outside to the sidewalk. The trucks and buses were whizzing by. Needless to say it was very loud. Tony stood me next to a sign and walked down to a tree, about a room distance away. He began to speak. asking questions. Unbelievably, I heard every word he said. Then he took the time to explain everything to me, instructed me on ear care, and had me do everything myself so I could learn and be confident with the new hearing aids.  It was a pleasure working with him!

Testimonial – Theresa C.

A couple of years ago my sister came to live with me after having spent many years in South Africa. She had hearing aids that were “molds” because she was difficult to fit. She lost one of them and a friend of mine recommended Tony.   Well Tony managed to easily fit her and the new aids are much easier to put in. I had hearing aids from a different vendor and had some difficulty with the sound often being shrill. I frequently needed to adjust the treble and bass. During Covid one of them broke and got lost in the mail, so I needed a replacement. I decided to go to Tony since he was so good with my sister. I love these hearing aids. The sound is so natural and they are so comfortable that I forget I am wearing them. Even though I wear my hair very short they are never noticeable. Tony is very competent and a delight to work with. I am grateful to my friend Ann for the recommendation.

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