Sometimes small, discreet hearing aids make you the happiest!  The latest technology has been introduced by Signia and it has the following benefits to you:

  • Small and unnoticeable
  • Outstanding speech clarity
  • 30 day trial by Devon Hearing

Want to know more about tiny hearing aids?

Siemens (now called Signia) now offers the Primax hearing aid line that is unmatched among hearing aid manufacturers.  Siemens engineers have mastered the miniaturization of hearing aids with high technology.  Whether behind or in the ear, Siemens has accomplished crystal speech clarity in half the size of a dime!

Some people hesitated with hearing aids, since all the best technology was only available in larger, more visible hearing aid sizes.  Siemens has conquered this and brings their highest technology, Primax hearing instruments, to even the most miniature of sizes.

Your computer is not the only computer in your house anymore.  These discreet hearing aids are actually computers also.  Siemens Primax hearing aids are like a computer in that they contain microprocessors that digitally process external sounds and deliver unmatched speech clarity.  This happens even when you are in a noisy place like a restaurant, church or at home with family.